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The car build

building the car, as you can see from this top picture I placed and glued about three layers of ply wood and then used the ban saw to cut in the edges at the back and front of the car. I think made a groove in the bottom of the car for a thin piece of a wooden groove stick to slot in, then adding the circular wheels I cut to the end and glueing, making sure the groove stick was in place but the wheels also moved. I then added about 4 layers of ply wood and then cut it to the triangular shape to create the top of the car. Then painting it in a hot wheels stlye, with the blue and orange strips.


Painting Process

I didn’t sketch out a painting idea before hand, I just went straight in with the paintbrush and allowed myself to create this main piece, and It then was the starting point for the rest of the work, elaborating on characters and narrative from this piece.

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Journey to a magical place

My exhibition ‘Journey to a magical place’ came from a place of exploration and connectivity.

I started this process with the interest in looking into the four elements. Earth, fire, water and air. I also researched

The four elements are all around you and within you.
These elements go beyond the physical and manifest as personality traits and energetic Forces too.

The elements are here to bring balance, bring versatility and guidance.

My ideas behind my show, is the concept of storytelling in different forms, book, symbolism and character depiction.

In these series of paintings I wanted to allow everyday tendencies, modern day life to be seen for what can seem to be at times, stripped back, people following paths, following others, living in big boxes, filling spaces with objects, not to over analyses but to see these aspects of life as shapes and patterns, a starting point for me to tell a story. A story of a journey, This journey is both perceived from watching others and also from my own reaction to what I have been faced with and how it looks and feels on the other side.

These elements of life, the confinement of lines in which we are placed in and to follow, being moulded daily into consumerist shapes, in which we constrict ourselves.

I like to look at the unimportance of all these things, stuff! The mental and physical energy and time we spend over toilet paper with puppies on and air-fresheners in the shape of jelly beans.

Which leads me onto Mysticism, mythology and magical tendencies that I depict, creating a level playing field of play and communication. The use of humans and animals and a vibrant or distopien environment.

With these ideas in place I knew I wanted to predominantly create patting pieces, I had to trial out different materials, from cardboard, canvas, paper and wood.

Wood was the texture and feel I felt best suited, so I started to create small wooden rectangular paintings, of characters. I also knew I wanted to create some kind of sense of a journey/ an adventure, In these series of paintings you see for my degree show there are elements of my own experiences, I wanted to depict how I have felt over the last three years studying, how I feel I have changed, my work has changed and also the aspects of my life that have been pinpoint and difficult. Perhaps you can see this through the path, with the three armless people walking, perhaps you can’t! Or maybe in the door, the lone door, perhaps behind it? I wanted to create works that didn’t give you the answers to a story but left you thinking, confused maybe or when you really look and you can see the two worlds, the journey to get into this world, a magical place and the different kinds of characters on their journey, the watchers, the magicians, the top hats, top cats, the zebra these are all characters I have created and I think come together in the book I made to accompany this piece titled ‘Journey to a magical place’ where I made a series of paintings then scanned them in and printed them, next making collages of these scanned paintings, to then make a mesh of different characters and tie the paintings in together and create the story. I felt at this point everything slotted together. The collages then became their own pages, with words, short sentences from a poem I wrote and adapted for this. I then edited these pages into book format, including designs for a translucent page, following the themes of strange, mystical and magical qualities. I am real pleased with how to book printed and came out.

I wanted to create some kind of vessel, to add to the feeling of journey, moving, I had been watching a lot of twin peaks at the time, and among many things that inspired me the old cars, the shape of them really stuck with me and the idea to make a wooden moving car became my plan of action. I did this by cutting many layers and building the car up, attaching circular wheels and making a join. This car invites the viewers to interact and in some way make a journey of their own, becoming apart of the story.

The ceramic objects I made are of different characters and also shapes in and around the work, the idea to display them on the wooden triangles came from a lot of trial and error, I was originally going to display more wooden paintings on the triangle and just have the objects in a box I made but this didn’t quite feel right, so displaying them and making the curtain to accompany them created to feeling I wanted which was a sense that the world was becoming more 3d, moving from the 2d paintings.

The three doors I made from off cuts of wood, and had help with the small joins as this was very fiddly! Painting a scene behind each door, with the intention again to being the magical place to 3d that slight bit more, and also creating a more interactive piece.

Overall I feel I have created what I set out to. I have created a series of paintings, on a large and small scare, but also experimenting with shapes and working with the wood. There is a diverse range of shaped paintings, and also materials, from the ceramic objects, the curtain and wooden car and the doors I have made.

I chooses the felt blue and red carpets, from fabric I got at the market and then cut, as I had a lot of floor space and this car and table and I wanted to create a setting for people to sit and interact with the car, tarot cards and read the book and immerse themselves into this world.